Four situations in which we should not ask for a loan

Usually, we strongly insist on the importance of properly managing your personal finances to avoid last-minute shocks or unforeseen events. In that sense, it is as important to know how to save as to know how to spend, and we should not be afraid to ask for a loan or a loan at any given time, whether we need to address an expense urgently or if we want to treat ourselves and at that time We do not have the necessary liquidity.

Thus, there are many where applying for a quick loan can be a great option. For example, if tickets go to a concert of our favorite group and, although we know that they will soon run out, at that time we do not have the necessary money. Another option may be when the ideal offer for a trip we want to make appears, but we do not have the liquidity that is needed.

However, there are other situations in which it is not advisable to ask for a loan. Therefore, today we want to review with you all those moments when applying for a loan may not be the best option. Do you want to start


I need money fast !: When it’s a rash decision

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Before applying for a loan, it is recommended that we be aware of our financial situation and assess whether we will be able to deal with the debt comfortably. Many times, we jump for something without being sure if it is a good idea. In this way, we might need money so urgently that we do not stop to think if we are going to be able to return it, and that is never recommended.

Therefore, opting for companies that practice the responsible loan assures us that they will only grant us the credit if our financial situation will allow us to face the repayment of it with comfort, thus avoiding that we rush into the decision.

eye! Not rushing does not mean that we cannot request a quick loan when we need money with some urgency. It is enough to have evaluated our financial situation beforehand and stop for a couple of minutes to reflect on whether it is the best alternative. And, as we said before, when going to a company that practices the responsible loan, we will have much more security on this point.


When I do not meet some of the requirements to apply for a loan

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When asking for money, we find that banks impose very demanding requirements, and many times it will be impossible for us to offer financing. However, today, with the arrival of online lending, the conditions are much more accessible, so we will only have to identify ourselves, accredit regular monthly income and prove that we can return the money.

Of course, it is possible that, at any given time, we will not meet some of those conditions. In that case, it is not advisable to go to companies that offer money even without those requirements, since the first thing that we must be clear is that these requirements are set to protect us: if we do not have monthly income or we cannot return the money, ask for a loan It would only cause us problems.

A similar case is that which occurs with delinquent listings, such as Credit Institution. Some companies offer loans to people who are in delinquent listings, but applying for a loan when we are in one of those listings is not a good idea, since it will only worsen our situation.

Therefore, if we have no monthly income and we will not be able to return the money, we should never apply for a loan. Companies like Agree Banks have quite affordable requirements and, if we meet them, we will be able to obtain financing and, at the same time, be sure that we will be able to return the money, thanks to their responsible lending philosophy.


When I do not know if I can face the return that implies the request of a loan

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As we said before, if we are not going to be able to repay a loan, then it is better not to request it, since that will only cause our debt to increase without stopping. It is true that there are companies, such as Agree Banks, that set a maximum limit to increase the debt, but still it is not good to ask for a loan that we will not be able to repay.

Thus, if before requesting it, we study our financial situation and we have doubts, it is better not to ask for the credit or go to companies that offer us loans that adapt to our conditions.

A different case is the one that occurs when, after requesting a loan, we face a particularly difficult month, in which it will cost us to return the corresponding part of the credit. For these situations, in Agree Banks we have the ‘month of respite’, which allows you to delay the payment of one of the monthly installments, thus giving you greater flexibility and control over your credit line.


When I want to apply for a loan and I already have many debts

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Sometimes we have several accumulated debts and, even so, we consider asking for another loan. In the vast majority of situations, this is not a good idea, since that will only worsen the situation, adding one more debt that we will have to pay back.

This point, however, has an exception. Sometimes, there may be a situation where we can ask for a loan and, with that money, cancel the rest of our debts so that we are left with only one debt (that of the credit we have just requested). If these circumstances occur, requesting a loan to cancel those other debts can be a good alternative, although it will always depend on the flexibility of the other loan and the amount that we will be repaid. For this, it is best to analyze our situation and our solvency to assess whether it will be more comfortable to refinance our other loans or if, on the contrary, it is better not to ask for a new loan.

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